Get Going Fast with the Simple “Fiver” Theme for WordPress (Review)

So you know you want to start a blog and you have lots of content ideas, but WordPress is vast and you don’t know where to start. You try to customise a theme, but the result is rough round the edges and not quite right. Like me, you want a bit more control over the finished result; something a bit more professional. This where I was a month ago, completely frustrated, until I found the Fiver theme by Stinkyink.

I had come to the conclusion — after wrestling with background images (when I had never really wanted a background image) and with theme headers (that looked clunky with my company logo stuck in) — that my priority was to start blogging: getting into a regular routine and getting the posts up, not making the blog look pretty. So when I stumbled across Fiver I recognised that the designer had made text-content the priority. There is just a single heading up the top (very simplistic for a WordPress theme), and one side-bar on the left of the page (where features and navigation can be added as needed).

An image of the Fiver theme by Stinkyink for WordPress


Fiver is a text-based theme, with a single heading at the top, and side-bar. It is a free Open Source package distributed through the official WordPress themes site. It has been tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


  • The beauty of a ‘no-image’ theme is that you can get posting right away, without having to keep fiddling with the customisation. We don’t all have a suitable background image, logo, or banner image ready to plug in at the start and that’s okay. Fiver makes that okay, and won’t hold you back!
  • The Fiver theme uses cutting edge HTML5 tags and CSS3. The code is clean without unnecessary complication, and uses sensibly labeled styles — this makes  it a dream to navigate, so long as you understand how to read a CSS stylesheet.
  • The people who created this theme are very helpful. If you get stuck, or have a question, all you need to do is leave a message on their website:

Top Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to keep things simple when you start. If you grow out of the Fiver theme you can simply install another one. All your content will still be there, but with a new look.
  • Go to the Widgets section in your control panel and drag and drop widgets to add them to the sidebar. You can change the combination at any time, I suggest starting with “Links” (which will display your recent posts), and “Pages” (which will display any static webpage pages you create).
  • You can download plug-ins to your WordPress control panel, and then add them to your Fiver sidebar. (Plug-ins are a way of adding additional features, functions, and images as needed).

What do you look for in a WordPress Theme?

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I think I look for a theme that isn’t overcomplicated so that it easy to customise and edit. What about you?


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